Join the John Vester CD Release Party!

We're happy to invite you to the exclusive 'CD Release Party' at the Werftheater in Utrecht on Wednesday June 2, 2004.

At the party John Vester introduces his new CD "Things I Wish I Would Have Said". You can join the party if you sign up below and order the special 'CD Release Package' for 50 euros.

You will receive a signed and numbered copy of the new CD, two tickets for the party and a signed and numbered artprint by John Vester.

"Things I Wish I Would Have Said"

Here's the tracklist for the CD:

1. Things I Wish I Would Have Said

2. Rainy Day Valentine

3. All Through The Night (& All Through The Day)

4. The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers

5. We Had Something There For A While

6. Your Reason To Be Free

7. I Know You Know

8. Red Dragonfly

9. Is That You Satan?

10. You're Not Alone

11. Love Without Trust

12. Grateful For The Rain

13. Where Is My Woman?

14. On Our Anniversary

15. I Lost My Heart

16. The Other Side

17. Happy Landings

The special CD Release Package is available for 50 euros. The actual value is of course much higher... Click the 'Add to cart' button below to place your order. All major credit cards are accepted.