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John Vester's Art

John Vester not only is a very talented and gifted singer songwriter, he is also a designer and graphic artist. The booklet of his new CD was designed by John and the inside of the booklet was almost completely done by hand. On this page we present you with three of John's paintings that were used for the booklet of 'Half A World Away.' and 'Things I Wish I would Have Said' You can buy the prints now here online. Click on the add to cart button to sumit the painting. Click on the View cart button to pay for your order.

Paintings of the second CD 'Half A World Away'

Fumiko, the Cherry Blossom Girl...

One of the canals of Venice, Ca. This is
the same bridge that was photographed for
the cover of 'Half A World Away'

Pokhara, Nepal.

ALL THE WAY OUT WEST back cover painting.

Paintings of the third CD 'Things I Wish I Would Have Said'

Songtext and paintings of the song 'Red Dragonfly'

Songtext and paintings of the song 'I Know You Know'

THINGS I WISH I WOULD HAVE SAID back cover painting

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