About John Vester

Singer/songwriter John Vester lives in Venice Beach, California. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he started playing in bands when he was about 16 years old. He moved to California when we was in his twenties. He went to the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, played in bands and soon started writing his own material.

His first CD entitled "My Heart Is In Your Hands" was released in 1998. His second CD "Half A World Away" was released in 2002. "Half A World Away" is a 12 song project, co-produced by Michael Lennon and John Vester. June 2004 the second CD of this project (and John's third one) "Things I Wish I Would Have Said" a 17 song project was released in june of 2004.

All 3 John Vester cds continue John's trademark, simple, straightforward, picture-painting style of songwriting. Both Half A World Away and Things I Wish I Would Have Said were co-produced by Michael Lennon and John Vester.

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